Application forms



Here you can download the application form with the corresponding cost plan for funding from the project fund of House of Resources. Application forms must be completed in full and signed by an authorised signatory from your organisation.

The funding guidelines can be found here.

Instructions for the implementation and documentation of projects can be downloaded here.

Please note that it is compulsory to visit an application workshop before submitting the application documents for microprojects.

Project applications are only accepted during the official application phases.

Application form.

Cost schedule for the application

Cooperation agreement (A cooperation agreement must be submitted if two organisations jointly apply for more than 1500 euros in project funding. The document provided can be used as a template. However, you can also submit a cooperation agreement you have drawn up yourself).

In order to make it easier for you to fill out the application form and other forms and templates provided by the House of Resources Berlin, we have filled them in for you using a fictitious project of the imaginary organization “Berliner Bleienten e.V.” as an example.

Example Berliner Bleienten


Individual measures:

For funding of individual measures, please use the document “Short application for funding of an individual measure“.


Fonds auf Augenhöhe:

The application form and further information on the „Fonds auf Augenhöhe“ can be found here.