past projects

Here is a selection of the great integration projects that have received funding from House of Resources. We hope they’ll inspire you to come up with some creative ideas for your own project.


Breakfast Bus Berlin – Frühlingserwachen e.V.

  • The Breakfast Bus was a low-threshold, dialogue format with catering. People of various ages, ethnic and social backgrounds were invited to a series of communal breakfasts where they could meet and talk to new people.
  • Financed measures: Printing costs flyer/posters, workshop instructor fee (preparatory workshop for bus volunteers), catering, flowers, parking permits for the bus, bus rental

Workshop: How to safely use digital media – Visioneers e.V.

  • This workshop organised by Visioneers e.V. was aimed at young people who use social media a lot. The event heightened their awareness about the dangers of being careless with personal data online and demonstrated how they can protect their privacy on the internet.
  • Financed measures: Teaching materials (software and hardware), catering, office supplies, telephone/internet costs, t-shirts for participants and volunteer helpers, printing costs flyer/brochure/invitations

Theatre workshop: Integration through physical movement – Kiezkultur Charlottenburg e.V. in cooperation with Kulturleben e.V.

  • During this theatre workshop, two different groups had the opportunity to discover their similarities and complementary characteristics: young refugees from the intercultural meetup organised by Kiezkultur Charlottenburg e.V. and members of a self-help group for people on the autism spectrum. The workshop improved the participants’ self-awareness and acceptance of themselves and offered them a safe space in which to practise their communication skills.
  • Financed measures: Workshop instructor fee, assistant fee, expense allowances for the film and photography team, expense allowances the organisation/documentation/preparation/support, room rental, advertising materials, catering

Encounters in the Island Garden – soulgardenberlin gUG

  • A group of neighbours and refugees met weekly in the Island Garden to do gardening together, cook shared meals and explore the city’s green spaces. The group was supervised by a community manager.
  • Financed measures: Community manager fee, plants, gloves, plastic bags, seeds, documentation/PR, printing costs/photos

Creative Coding School for Children – ZwischenWerk gUG in cooperation with Friedrichshain Hilft e.V.

  • 15 children aged 8-15 (with and without a migration background) had the opportunity to learn programming in a fun way using a drawing robot. Children of different ages and backgrounds worked together in pairs. In addition to various programming languages, the children also learnt how to be considerate and support each other.
  • Financed measures: Drawing robot, printing costs and paper, batteries, taxi, catering,
    expense allowances for design/text/advertising materials, expense allowances for workshop instructor

Cooking “outside the box” with friends – Start with a Friend e.V. in cooperation with Über den Tellerrand e.V.

  • Start with a Friend e.V. and Über den Tellerrand e.V. organised a street party with communal cooking for refugees, their volunteer mentors and local residents. The aim was to create a space where refugees could come into contact with their neighbours.
  • Financed measures: Food, drinks, disposable plates and cutlery, fees for bands and paramedics, rental of equipment/sound system/market stands, administrative fees, road closure fees, insurance, materials for the kids’ programme

“Dear Asian seniors, how are you doing today?” (LiaS) – GePGeMi e.V. in cooperation with the Japanischen Fraueninitiative Berlin and Danke Deutschland e.V.

  • LiaS was a study about the health-related quality of life experienced by (East) Asian seniors in Berlin. A comprehensive survey was carried out and the findings about this target group were summarised in a report, which was presented to aged care practitioners at a specialist conference on 1 December 2017.
  • Financed measures: Moderation and supervision of the group work at the conference, fixed volunteer fee for the organisation of the theatre group, catering, translation and printing costs for the multilingual conference report, film production fee, expense allowances for assistants and theatre group

Training weekend for volunteer supporters and activists with and without a refugee background – Flamingo e.V.

  • Providing support to refugees is often very stressful for volunteer helpers. During this training weekend, volunteer supporters had the opportunity to talk about their stressful experiences and learn methods for maintaining empathetic boundaries that will help prevent them from feeling overwhelmed.

Financed measures: Instructor fee, fixed volunteer fee for interpreting and childcare, arts and crafts materials, workshop materials