Project fund guidelines

  1. Aim of the funding

House of Resources is a project run by the Akademie für Ehrenamtlichkeit Deutschland and financed by the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

The aim of the project is to provide resources and services for migrant organisations and other associations and clubs in Berlin that actively promote integration. The House of Resources project fund is one of our many offers.

To be eligible for funding, projects must meet the following criteria:

  • promote integration
  • deepen mutual understanding between different social groups or strengthen the ability of migrant organisations to empower others
  • have a high level of volunteer involvement
  • are based in Berlin and carry out activities in Berlin

The projects must be self-contained and pursue specific goals. They must have a clearly defined beginning and end. House of Resources cannot provide funding for an organisation’s regular activities.

Funding will not be granted for other state-funded projects (e.g. sport, language and integration courses).

Applicants are not guaranteed to receive funding.

  1. Funding recipient

Organisations can apply for funding if they are recognised non-profit organisations from the Berlin area that have a legal form (e.g. registered association) or can prove they are in the process of setting up a legal form.

In the case of collaborative projects, only one of the project partners must have a legal form.

The project fund is also intended to strengthen and professionalise the participating organisations, so ideally several people should be involved in the implementation of each project.

  1. Eligibility criteria

Funding can only be approved for organisations that

  • are planning a project that complies with the criteria listed under 1.
  • have taken part in a House of Resources application workshop
  • are able to contribute 5% of the total project costs; this contribution does not have to be monetary, it can also take other forms (such as volunteer work)

Projects that have already started cannot receive funding.

The application form must be completely filled out.

  1. Type and amount of funding

4.1 Type of funding

The money is awarded in the form of project funding.

4.2 Amount of funding

The maximum funding amount is €1,425 and the total project cost cannot exceed € 1,500. When you receive funding from House of Resources, your organisation must cover 5% of the total project cost.

For example, if your project will cost € 1,500, then you will receive € 1,425 from House of Resources and will be required to contribute € 75 to the project
For cooperation projects involving more than organisation, funding of up to € 3,350 is available (maximum total project cost € 3,500).

Third-party funds can also be used to help cover the project costs.

The funding is issued by bank transfer in 2 or 3 instalments. Before the next instalment can be transferred, the expenses paid for using the previous instalment must be documented and submitted to House of Resources.

4.3 Project duration

The project must start and finish in the same calendar year. The project dates for the current funding round will be published on the website and indicated in the funding contract.

4.4 Eligible expenses

Funding can be used to pay for expenses such as:

Fees up to a maximum of € 60.00 gross per hour (for speakers, translators, etc.), travel costs within Berlin, material costs, public relations materials, rent for external premises, allowances for volunteers, small gifts for volunteers, transport, small purchases that will remain in the organisation and are necessary and appropriate for the implementation of the project, postage costs, entrance fees, specialist literature.

The following expenses are not eligible:

Travel costs outside Berlin, personnel costs, decorations, rent for the organisation’s own premises, purchases that do not remain in the project (but are donated to the project participants, for example) or purchases that are not proportionate to a small project (e.g. computers, printers, etc.).

Catering is only eligible within the context of festive intercultural events, or for training sessions, professional development courses and conferences that are longer than four hours. Other guidelines apply to events with children.

The project funds cannot be used to buy alcoholic beverages.

The project funds must be used economically and sparingly.

  1. Procedure

5. 1 Application workshop
At least one representative from your organisation must have attended a House of Resources application workshop.

5.2 Application
The application must be submitted by the deadline of the respective funding round. The deadline is published on the House of Resources website and communicated during the application workshop.

If you would like feedback regarding the eligibility of your project before the final deadline, you can submit your application early. House of Resources will then provide you with feedback and you can make any necessary changes before the final deadline.
The earlier submission deadline for those who would like to receive feedback is also published on the House of Resources website and communicated during the application workshop.

5.3 Selection process
Funding decisions are made by a jury at House of Resources. The jury takes the following factors into account:

  • How convincingly the project and its financing plan are presented in the project application
  • The amount of voluntary work involved in the project

Consideration is given to as many different types of integration work as possible and to as many organisations as possible. If multiple organisations submit applications of equal quality, preference will be given to organisations that have not yet received project funding.

We will let you know whether your application has been approved or rejected by a specific date. This date is published on the House of Resources website and communicated during the application workshop.

You can download a PDF version of these guidelines here.