• How and where can we acquire funding for our projects?
  • How can we raise awareness about our organisation?
  • How can we attract more volunteers for our organisation and encourage existing volunteers to stay with us?
  • What do I need to take into consideration when setting up a non-profit association?
  • How can we open up our organisation to new target groups?
  • What structures do we need in order to work and communicate efficiently?

House of Resources offers comprehensive consultations about these and other topics. We’ll also gladly inform you about the services and resources we offer.
Unfortunately we are not able to provide any legal advice about association law or tax law.

Give us a call: Straightforward questions can often be answered during a short phone call. And if you require more extensive assistance, you can make an appointment for a consultation. Simply call us or send us an email with your questions and preferred dates:

Consultations are available at our Friedrichshain location (Akademie für Ehrenamtlichkeit, Marchlewski Strasse 27) and our Neukölln location (Interkular, Lichtenrader Strasse 12).

We also have regular consulting hours between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm on the first Wednesday of every month at the Verband Deutsch-Syrischer Hilfsvereine e.V. (VDSH), Chausseestraße 101, 10115 Berlin. An Arabic interpreter is available on request: Tel (030) 28873 170 / email

If you are planning to visit VDSH during the regular consulting hours, please contact us in advance and let us know what kind of advice you require.